DIY : Belly Dancers' Bra Top

This year, the school I am working in held an annual Arts Festival. The title for this year's performance was "Around The World In 80 Minutes". The Dance Crew performed ethnic dances from the Phillipines, Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia and Hawaii. We rented some of the costume, but I also contributed in making some items. For example, these brasseries worn by my lovely dancers, Tania, Felia and Astari.

Since I didn't have a lot of time to spare, I also made the dancers to help me embellish the bras they are going to wear on stage.

Check below for what you will need to make one.
  • Bling material. I got mine in black and gold. 
  • Black bras. I bought mine in Jatinegara and it comes in a dozen a package. They're quite cheap. I only spent Rp.100.000,- for all twelve of them. 
  • Glue gun.
  • Coin-shaped sequins.
  • 3-milimetre golden seed beads. 

First, cover the bra using the bling material. I just put the bra on the bling material and then draw a pattern of it. Remember to add 2-3 cm on the pattern so that it will be easier for you to glue it. This is how it looks after you cover it up.

Second, sew the sequins and seed beads on.

That's it! Very easy and simple isn't it?

It looks so pretty after it has been put together with the the skirt, belt and headdress.I think it will look good, not only for belly dancing, but also for a modern dance or hiphop costume. Just add leather jacket to balance out the sexiness and maybe some slashed up legging and boots.

Click here and watch our dance performance video and see how pretty the DIY belly dance costumes worn by the dancers!




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