Revlon Colorstay Makeup with SoftFlex SPF 6

Revlon Colorstay foundation in 320 Toast

I know! The name is a mouthful. FYI, this is a liquid foundation. I bought this foundie about 2 weeks ago in Matahari Dept.Store near my house for IDR 110.000 (less than USD 11). At that time, I was actually looking for a sub for my MAC Studio Fix Two Way Cake. My skin recently acting up and I suspect the MAC SF TWC is the culprit. So I decided to stop using it for a while. 

However, being the make-up junkie that I am, I just cannot make it with only sunscreen and loose powder. I feel naked. Also, I had a few blemishes that I need to cover. One day, I went to the nearest jewelry shop to fix one of my earring and they told me to wait and guess where I ended up walking to. Yup! My favorite make-up counter, Revlon. 
At first, it wasn’t this product that caught my eye. I wanted to try their gel concealer but the shop assistant said that they were discontinued and offered me this foundie instead. I had wanted to try it but just didn’t have the chance yet. So I thought, WTH…I just bought it. 
I have combination skin so I got the one for combination/oily skin in True Beige 300. It is still slightly lighter than my skin tone, I’m MAC NC40/45 btw.
Revlon claims that this foundie “provides all-day comfort; oil-free shine control; natural, flawless look and also transfer resistant”. 
Provides all-day comfort? Hm, I don’t think so. After I purchase this, I went straight home and put it on. I set it with Revlon Microfine Loose Powder. I let it set for a while to see whether there are any allergic reactions to it. Usually, when it comes to foundie, I will get an immediate response from my skin as soon as a sweat. If I sweat and I feel prickly itch on my face, that can’t be a good sign. Luckily, I don’t get this reaction from this foundie. However, it feels heavy on my skin, I just can’t wait to take it off. 
What about the “oil-free shine control”? NOW they’re talking. It is no joke, people. It really keeps my oily T-Zone at bay. I managed to wear it around 6 hours on the first day. My skin still produces the oil, but it doesn’t show. I mean, when I touched my T-zone, then there will be oil transferred to my finger or blotting paper. But my skin didn’t look like an oil slick. I’m quite happy with this result. 
Natural, flawless look? YES! Definitely. It covers blemishes really well. When I first wear this to school, I’m a teacher BTW, one of my colleague actually said that my skin looks smoother and she asked me what products do I use. It must be because of this. On the days where I don’t need or feel like a full-coverage, I just use this as a concealer. 
Transfer-resistant? YES. When I use it as concealer, it stays. It does not fade. It also makes a good eye shadow base. Ever since I use this as eye shadow base, I have minimal creasing and eye make-up stays true until I take it off. It does not come off when I blot, either with tissue or blotting paper.

The only downside of this foundie is it dries REALLY fast and after it dries, it won’t budge. 
Interested? I’m telling you, for IDR 110,000 or less than USD 11, it is a steal. If you have dry to normal skin, Revlon also make this foundation but reformulated to suit your skin type.
When I finish this, I definitely will repurchase.
Check out these pictures for swatches.
With flash
True Beige

Without flash.

UPDATE: This foundie made my skin had a major break out. Definitely not an everyday foundie to wear. However, this is still my HG foundation for special events.Also since, True Beige is still too light for my skin color, I asked my Singapore friend to buy me Toast. The color match my skin perfectly. It is my-skin-but-better- foundation.  

UPDATE 30 March 2013:
I just bought another bottle of this foundie and it cost me Rp.130.000,-. I still use this as daily concealer but I try to steer away from wearing it everyday. However, its performance never fails me. Just keep in mind, the foundation looks better throughout the day/night. 



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