Help! I am a Bath and Body Works addict.

Hi, everyone! This will be my first post after a few months break and I want to tell you about my BBW addiction. 
My name is Arum and in my mother tongue (Indonesian) it means "smells nice" so you see that I have a reputation to live up here. I can't be having "Arum" as a name and be smelling bad. That would be a contradiction :D .
If this is you first visit to my blog, then you should know that not only I am a fragrance addict, but I am also a makeup and shoe addict. However, if I have to choose only one of the three items, I would pick fragrance. I can be wearing my least fave heels or flip-flops, or going out of the house bare faced, but I would make sure that I smell nice.

I have been a BBW addict since the last 10 years so let me tell you about their fragrances that I have tried.

Sweet Pea
This is my signature fragrance. I like the fact that it smells sweet but not sickeningly sweet. It's on the sweet floral fruity side. 


Black Raspberry Vanilla

This one reminds of a blackcurrant or black raspberry chewy candy (purple Sugus, anyone?). It smells sweet, because of the vanilla and the berry in it, but also musky. Perfect to be worn at night. It those type of scent that sit close on your skin. Perfect for dates or up close and personal encounter with that special someone.

I find the BRV can be a bit pungent when worn during the day. IMO, It is at its best when worn at night.

I love the body cream and the EDT from this line of fragrance. The body cream worked well also if layered underneath Sweet Pea EDT. It creates a deeper, sexier sweet scent for me.


Vanilla Bean Noel

This one is a Christmas edition fragrance and definitely on the gourmand side. Look how cute that tube is!

It successfully take me back to my childhood, to those visits to grandma's house which always smells like a vanilla cookie. She was a baker and she always have something cooking in the oven. This fragrance smells like her house when she baked h
er cookies.

However, I find the body cream smells better that the body mist. The mist has a plasticky, play-do smell to it.


Berry Vanilla

 This is one of the Summer Vanilla collection. It is a fresh berry and vanilla scent, perfect to be worn during a hot day to school or to the beach.

If BRV smells like purple Sugus, this one smells like the pink one.I love both the lotion and the body mist. It is too bad BBW has discontinued it.


Bali Mango

I bought this as a replacement for Berry Vanilla. However, it is a miss for me. I find the body mist to be very citrusy and not sweet at all. It smells like a room freshener for me, because of the citrus. The lotion smells better though. It smells sweeter.
The weird thing is, if I smell this on someone else, it is a good scent but it causes me headaches when I wear it so I gave them to my daughters. They are 7 and 5 y.o.


Pink Chiffon

Although, I love Sweet Pea, but after three years wearing it, I got bored of it. When I ran out of my Sweet Pea, after reading lots of review, I decided to buy Pink Chiffon. I have the lotion, body mist and EDT for this line.

It smells like a sour strawberry candy, perfect for a daily scent. It is very light so I am not afraid of going overboard with it. The staying power is decent, however I notice that both of the mist and EDT stays on longer when sprayed on clothes.
This is my current fave scent from BBW.


Beautiful Day

I want to like this scent so much because of the packaging. The travel size lotion comes in a green bottle with green and pink flowers printed on it. The EDT bottle is even cuter. However, the scent is just so-so for me. I notice the smell of green apple, but the flower smell is stronger than the fruits. I wish it was fruitier that it is.

I still use it sometimes. I layer this with The Body Shop's Amazonian Wild Lily, because they both have a similar signature green smell.


Twilight Woods

A student of mine gave me the body mist for this scent. She was sure that I would love it, because I love sweet scent. At first try, I didn't like it. It smells like Tancho hair cream to me, so I put it to the side.

After a few months, I decided to try it again, but this time I layered it with VBN body cream or the Brown Sugar and Fig body lotion and voila! I love love love the scent. It did not smell like my grandpa hair cream anymore. It has a blueberry smell in the beginning and a creamy vanilla in the end. I just can't get enough of this. But I will layer it with other vanilla scented body lotion. It works better for me that way.

 Brown Sugar And Fig

I totally have no idea what fig is. I don't think Indonesia have it, but this lotion smells divine.It smells like a coconutty vanilla cream. I definitely will buy another one once I finished mine.


Midnight Pomegranate

 I bought this because I was looking for a sexier scented lotion to be layered with any of my sweet scented fragrance. But just like Bali Mango, this is one of those scents I like on anybody else but me. I found it too strong for my taste and all that I can smell is sandalwood, and it gives me headache when I wear it so I gave this to a friend. 

So those are the ones I have tried from BBW. Come back for updates!


Body Shop's Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

 Lately, I have been obsessing about enhancing my originally tanned skin. You see, I am Indonesian, and unlike other Indonesian girls in my country, who dream about having fair skin like those girls in the whitening/lightening product commercials, I embrace my skin color. I have had enough with all of those whitening product those Asian cosmetic companies are selling. I think their jargon "white is beautiful" is just full of crap (pardon my French!). We need  to be comfortable being yourself and embrace our own natural features and flaws. Only then we will be able to figure how to enhance our features and make our flaws work for us. 

This is why I was so happy to find this product from Body Shop. It is called the Honey Bronze Shimmering Body Oil. I was almost jumping up and down in the store when I found it. Finally, a cosmetic company who sells a bronzing product in my own country!

However, I gotta warn you. It doesn't come cheap. I paid Rp.250.000,- for a 3.3oz bottle.
I love the way it makes my skin look so healthy. It moisturizes well without being greasy. Sadly, I really can't stand the smell. It reminds of Indonesian traditional body scrub or lulur. I mean, body scrub needs to be washed away, but this body oil stays with me for the whole day or until after I take the next shower. The smell also gets transfered to my clothes, cluthes or any bags I use for the day. It is definitely not a good thing! *sigh*

Straight out of the bottle.
After blended into the skin.

The packaging is also problematic for me. It comes in a glass bottle with a screw on cap. If only it comes in plastic bottle and a flip top. 

I really hope that the Body Shop will reformulate and repackage this product someday. For now, I just have to try to handle the smell whenever I decide to wear it.



DIY : Belly Dancers' Bra Top

This year, the school I am working in held an annual Arts Festival. The title for this year's performance was "Around The World In 80 Minutes". The Dance Crew performed ethnic dances from the Phillipines, Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia and Hawaii. We rented some of the costume, but I also contributed in making some items. For example, these brasseries worn by my lovely dancers, Tania, Felia and Astari.

Since I didn't have a lot of time to spare, I also made the dancers to help me embellish the bras they are going to wear on stage.

Check below for what you will need to make one.
  • Bling material. I got mine in black and gold. 
  • Black bras. I bought mine in Jatinegara and it comes in a dozen a package. They're quite cheap. I only spent Rp.100.000,- for all twelve of them. 
  • Glue gun.
  • Coin-shaped sequins.
  • 3-milimetre golden seed beads. 

First, cover the bra using the bling material. I just put the bra on the bling material and then draw a pattern of it. Remember to add 2-3 cm on the pattern so that it will be easier for you to glue it. This is how it looks after you cover it up.

Second, sew the sequins and seed beads on.

That's it! Very easy and simple isn't it?

It looks so pretty after it has been put together with the the skirt, belt and headdress.I think it will look good, not only for belly dancing, but also for a modern dance or hiphop costume. Just add leather jacket to balance out the sexiness and maybe some slashed up legging and boots.

Click here and watch our dance performance video and see how pretty the DIY belly dance costumes worn by the dancers!